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Advertising Services

We hold the secret to advertising in Africa. We have been around long enough to amass the connection and influence across various audience. If you want results for your ads, there is no one better to do it right for you. Find out what is obtainable when you choose to work with us….

Script Translations 

We have native speakers for 47 African languages and 36 countries. Kalu Media operates as a fully-fledged translation agency with the best of professionals tocking in the translation world. You can trust our project managers to do the trick and deliver above your expectations!

Recording Studio

Freq’ncy Audio (a daughter company), has four fully state-of-the-art recording and mixing suites; given the equipment and professionals we have at the studio, impossible doesn’t exist. We can create your wildest imagination or help you figure it all out when you’re lost. Click here.

Digital  Localization

Our dedicated teams of digital marketers have consistently assisted over 20 international brands in 9 countries to connect with their social media audiences in their indigenous language. Supplying accurate analytics, reporting, and community engagement services. Why not your brand? Join the movement.

Voiceover Casting

The voice doesn’t lie, no one understands this better than us. The voice behind your brand or media content determines how eagerly your target audience will consume your message. We help you communicate within African borders by employing the most sought-after marketing and communication strategies..

Remote Production

We found out that your job may require something scarce locally. This is why we have amassed a sense network of experts and partners in South, West, and East Africa. We can record authentic local voices from a nation of your choice. You need a team in; Cameroon, Tanzania, Madagascar, Nairobi, Nigeria, name it, We've already done it. 

Music Localization

We continue to provide full localization consultancy to Transcreate music compositions for major brands. With a robust method that combines all the necessary disciplines to reproduce music pieces into multiple languages. Now it’s possible to remain consistent with the unique sound of your brand even if your market dances to the beat of a different drum.


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