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Entertainment Services

Given the famous brands we have worked with and our track record of “killing it.” It is fair to say entertainment is a big deal for us; yes, it is because we’re constantly forgetting our past feats and approaching new tasks with thrill, excitement, and fresh creativity. The entertainment industry’s potential is largely explored; this explains why we allow lots of flexibility, creativity and hire staff with a strong connection for entertainment.
Check our encompassing entertainment service list….


We will gladly consult and assist you in a complete dubbing solution from here in Johannesburg. Whether as a complete turnkey or a part of the process, we possess all the moving parts required to get your project going at affordable rates with nothing less than sterling results.

Quality Control

We provide major networks with some of their QC requirements. Maintaining consistency in long-form production between content buyers and sellers is invaluable. Our teams ensure much-needed consistency from casting to final mix for any quantity of TV hours. 

Production Fixing

We continue to assist film companies in fixing services. Whether it is to import talent or location scouting in Ghana, Nairobi, or Lagos our vast network of professionals enables us to affordably provide top-notch solutions for your film projects. 


Kalu People is our talent management division. Browse through our list of ramp and beauty models to singers, musicians, live stage performers, and actors. We have amazing artists on our books and would love to add color to your production projects.

Advanced Linguistic Services

Other odds and ends within entertainment include our teams assisting in unique solutions like language detection in film, meta-data cleanup, sub-titling and CC, cultural advisory, and creative direction in the studio. The list seems endless.


Expensive production feats require accurate information. European and American counterparts have found a great use for our meticulous information gathering abilities assisting them in preparation for their work. With open access to prime talent in this regard, our results have proven to be critical time and again. 

Entertainment Clients


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