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The Full Story

Since 2012 we have worked with among the most prolific global and local brands in and outside Africa. From Coca-Cola, Netflix, Multichoice, Colgate, Always, should we go on? If we can make It happen for them, we have just the right team to make the difference clear. 

We are a full fledged media localization company offering multiple languages from across the globe, fully equipped with sufficient media facilities. Through a combination of disciplines under various brands, we make the impossible happen daily for advertising, film, and corporate clients. Voiceover, Subtitling, Dubbing, Music Composition, Translations and basically anything to complete your next localization project for the desired market or audience. 

Our Passion

Africa being so rich with cultural diversity requires that when we attempt to trans-create communication meant for her audiences, we do it with excellence and within the rhythm of each language village, city and nation as though it was written by themselves and for themselves.

Our job is to stay in touch with the heartbeat of many cultures and resource ourselves adequately to help you with your next projects. We have successfully carried out many "firsts" for our clients. We believe that at the core of every project is the preservation of authenticity for each audience we prepare content for. We are the new face of localization for African markets. 

The Kalu Media Dream Team has a special thread that keep us knit together. A love for Africa, A love for media work, A belief in the creative African people and most importantly the commitment for superior customer service. We exude the rare values of multiculturalism, tolerance, cohesion,  and creativity and live out the miracle of unity in our beautiful diversity.

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