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Musical Localization

There’s nothing more beautiful than music. Our passion for African language, culture and music has opened doors for us to meet and work with some of the most prolific artistes from this land we love called Africa.  The truth is that music brings people together and we make it possible for you to exploit the power of music and song to reach a people and communities you may not fully understand. We currently have musicians from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, DRC, South Africa, Zambia and Ethiopia.  In most cases this process includes:

  • Lyric Translation

  • Lyric application to music (sometimes rhyming)

  • Timing

  • Sampling

  • Refining and finetuning

  • Creating a dummy track for the featuring artiste

  • Quality control (Assisting with pronunciation and articulation during production)

  • Mixing and Mastering

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