7 Requirements of a Voice Artist

7 things to consider before attempting voiceover work.

If becoming a voice artist is on your bucket list, It may not be an easy task. But it may be possible if you have the right qualities and aptitudes.

While we are always willing to consider potentials who come within the reach of our radar, we know that it is not meant to be for everyone and therefore a realistic consideration of the below is highly recommended.

Here is a list of 7 things you need to consider while deciding on becoming a voice over in general.

1. A good voice.

Needless to say that for you to consider this line of work you need to at the least possess a voice that commands attention. This can be because of a characteristic in your voice or an ability you possess to make your voice sound appealing, authoritative, persuasive, or any other emotion for that matter. A unique voice can get you the attention you need but it is only the beginning.

2. Easy to direct.

Being easy to direct is an absolute must and it demands the absolute humility out of you. When in studio, directability is worth more than voice quality. You may possess a golden voice but if you can only perform one thing with it, you may need to consider a different path. Your voice needs to be versatile and your attitude even more... Whether you are a CEO of a company or a street sweeper, all your self-perceptions need to be left out of the voice booth. In there, all that matters is how directable you can be for the creatives who hired you.

3. Able to read fluently. Huh?

Fluency is critical in becoming a voice artist. The question is not about your level of education or your ability to just read any piece of text. The question is are you able to do it with the emotion and intensity or subtlety it demands... and in Africa, in the language required. We often come across many folks who are able to speak a language fluently but are unable to read it as well as they speak it. If you can’t read it, you can’t voice it!

4. Confidence and Showmanship

Every job is a performance and requires you to have the confidence and the showmanship to pull it off with grace. Nothing is more annoying to a client than to audition the perfect voiceover who eventually gets a shot at the booth and then freezes. Your confidence in performing in front of an audience whether big or small needs to be on point.

5. Professionalism

When working with seasoned professionals, you will need to exude professionalism with all stakeholders. This will be evident in many ways, from your mannerisms on the phone when you are being booked to your attitude in studio when you respond to a demanding client. Every interaction is critical. It also includes punctuality and how you dress. Keeping in mind that you represent yourself, the agency and the brand you are advertising may help you in maintaining industry relationships that may open bigger doors for you at a later stage.

6. Patience

Nothing meaningful ever comes easy and patience maybe what distinguishes one person’s success from the next. You need patience before you get your first booking, patience while waiting to know if your performance was approved, patience to receive your money from the client, patience when dealing with agency staff. Many careers come to a dead halt because someone lost his or her nerve at a client, agent or in studio.

7. Availability

In the environment we live most voiceover work happens within working hours. You need to be able to plan and attend your recordings when a client calls. Most clients in advertising keep normal office hours and you will need to make the time and arrangements to show up for your gigs as they come. If your day job is too rigid, this might pause a frustration to your booking agent and reduce your chances of developing this into a career.

Think you have what it takes?

IF you think you have what it takes, we need to assess your voice quality and then help you take the next steps into your hopefully new career.

  • Use your mobile phone to record 2 or 3 samples per script of the sample scripts listed here below.

  • When recording try and do it in a room where there is no echo or if you do it outside avoid noisy or windy areas.

  • Submit your clips to the cell phone 073 435 4633 via WhatsApp.

  • Successful candidates will receive a call to book a studio recording within 2 weeks of submission. If you do not hear from us after 2 weeks, consider your application unsuccessful.

  • If you are accepted, you will need studio quality voice samples, while there are no fees for joining Kalu Media, it is recommended that you record your clips professionally privately or inquire about our sample recording rates should you wish to make use of our in-house studio.

  • You will then be uploaded on our database and website and marketed to clients who have jobs from time to time.

  • You may not hear from us for a while. Don’t panic!

  • Your voice will be circulated on all work coming to our company for your respective segment and we will only be in touch for booking if you are selected by a client.

  • Being a part of an agency does not guarantee regular work. It only guarantees you get a fair shot.

All the best

Kalu Media Team

Use the sample script below for your WhatsApp audition.

Sample Script

Hard Corporate Sell

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(Give energy to this read and put a bright smile on while you read it)

(For Vernacular languages, translate and read the same script in any vernacular language you are confident you can read) For RSA languages please only record your authentic mother-tongue)

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