Coca-Cola goes down well with a touch of Kalu Media

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Kalu Media provided the solution for transcreating the lyrics on this track

from English to Swahili for the Tanzanian market. As well as the casting of singers in-country and recording. Transcreation is the term used in advertising circles to describe the process of taking a creative work and re-localizing it for a different market without losing the integrity of the original creation or idea.

This is normally quite a challenging job.

When it involves music it becomes even more challenging- The transcreation, as in this commercial was to the rhythm of the music. This process took a number of days and we had to at the same time source and audition authentic Tanzanian singers and rappers for the various segments of the music, cost-effectively and fairly -quickly. All main voices were sourced and recorded in Tanzania, The quality control was carried out live in johannesburg. Our vast network of credible service providers and talent agents enable us to be able to showcase a brilliant result such as this one. Really happy with the overall turnout of this project and credit must go to Garth and Chris tigerfight on the music composition and sound engineering on this project. Absolute professional musical geniuses in my book.

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